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Tim Kelly
____________________©2008 Tim Kelly Artist

ele sevon tim kelly artist villian graphic novels

the rebel forces control both the "emerald orb" and the "gold orb." villinous and the wizard black have the "pearl orb" and the "silver." all seven have past through the hands of many through time. the location of the other three are not completely known.

each side will do what ever it takes to gain the majority of the orbs. with majority, balance is lost. the possessor gain insights and revelation which offer clues and visions of the other orbs locations.

just one other fact for ya...the orbs were brought here 1,000's of year earlier by aliens in hopes of taming earths human inhabitants. it never worked out, so they left and check back from time to time. they are less than impressed with our progress and results.

elle sevon murders to recover the "emerald orb"