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Tim Kelly
____________________©2008 Tim Kelly Artist

ellesevon2 tim kelly artist graphic novel villian

elle sevon is the super athlete, trained assassin for the rebel movement. her soul purpose is to out fox the evil villinious jackson and unite the seven orbs.

the battle to unite the orbs has been happening for 1000's of years. the vital position held by elle sevon has evolved into a fine tuned, hyper efficient, killing machine. through years of battle the rebels they began to realized that focus on the super sexy female assassin made for many any easy kill of
dim-witted, over-sexed warriors loyal to villinous jackson. he didn't exactly attract the most honorable soldier to his evil cause. often they
were murders, thugs and deviants.

these mercineries were never a match for the coy wink & smile of the rebel femme fatal. each flirt was swiftly followed by a violent pounce & quick execution by the cat-like, elle sevon.

elle sevon
murders a century enroute to recover the "gold orb"