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Corporations, arts groups, organizations, schools and communities hire Tim and his
Art is Good Team to provide creative team-building workshops.

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The puzzle project was profiled on CBS during a segment of "Eye on New York".


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About Tim Kelly the artist

(the abridged version)

Art makes my heart palpitate. In fact, all things related to art do...old art,
new art, the appreciation of art, questions about art, answers about art, events related to art, clouds that form art, waves that sculpt artistically through the water, flowers that beautifully splash color & laughter with the wind and just about anything else with any connection to art. Art is good.

I’ve been an artist since birth. Creativity has always felt right. It's in me.

The WVU School of Creative Arts is where I studied fine art and advertising. Since that time I have made a living being creative.

In 2000, I moved to NYC and started showing my artwork. In 2007, I began to curate and produce group art shows.

In 2008, I started painting aliens. I cannot stop. It rivals my craving for coffee. The series is called, "Similar Alien".

I do paint abstract geometric portraits from time to time.

For several years, I've been growing a group art installation called, "The Puzzle Art Installation & Collaborative Project". It is massive and dynamic. I am driven to make it a world-wide art installation sensation. It has helped me to understand the meaning of a "Passion Project". I'm all in.

I've been told my calling is teaching art. Instructing and encouraging artists to create meaningful art has become a great source of happiness for me. I use my "Art is Good" creative workshops as a platform. They are about art & you.

Thanks to the Walentas Family Foundation in Dumbo (Brooklyn), I was the art teacher at PS16 Leonard Dunkly Elementary School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Art is Good workshops were provided to every student and after school. We created a lot of meaningful artwork together. I was also a basketball coach :)

In addition to PS16, I teach art to kids, teens, adults and active seniors at after-school programs and senior centers.

Art is Good is also provided to the families of the David S. Zocchi Brain Tumor Center at family workshops and to kids & teens at the award winning Camp Jinka in the Summer (www.campjinka.org). The famlies have become my family and inspire me every workshop.

My favorite group to work with are adults. Kids don't need me. Reintroducing an adult to art is a magical experience. When I coordinate corporate team-building or conference art events, the impact on the adults is often profound. They forgot how good it feels to make art and how much fun it is to create with others. When I receive a call or an email from an adult thanking me for the experience and telling me they've begun making art again... that is my greatest success.

So, that is my artful life. Making art, teaching art, curating & promoting art shows & creating graphic art... and a lot of daydreaming.

Life is good. Art is good. Hope you are feeling creative today.

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Tim Kelly
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