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Tim Kelly
____________________©2008 Tim Kelly Artist

villianous jackson tim kelly artist villian graphic novel

villinous jackson is the cousin of elle sevon and the evil archduke of the port influential port city of graymar sea.

with sworn allegiance to the wizard named black , villinous uses his inluence, power, wealth and army to aquire the seven orbs.

it's a chess match with elle sevon and the rebels, led by the warlock, forstall grimm.

as with any story of this type, the fate of the known world is at stake. if villinous jackson unifies the orbs under the evil black, all will be lost. but if the unity under forstall grim, party time!

villinous jackson has never been accused of being a nice guy. a real gary oldman type of villian you can love to hate.

Villinous Jackson